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Underwriter (Facultative)       Ref.:
Release time:2020-11-18


·    Responsible for facultative underwriting in designated markets

·    Maintain good business relationship with clients, brokers and producers

·    Discover business opportunities, track & follow up potential business

·    Conduct regular business review and prepare business reports

·    Assist in training and supervising junior staff

·    Participate in ad hoc projects as assigned by Department Head



·     Degree holder or equivalent

·     Possess ACII/FCIIor equivalent qualification is a definite advantage

·     Familiar with insurance/reinsurance industry,minimum 5 years’ experience in general insurance / reinsurance

·     Good communication skills, good in both written and spoken Chinese & English

·     Patience & attentive, good sense of responsibility, good interpersonal coordination and communication skills, strong collaboration skills, able to work independently, proactive studying and learning attitudes



All information provided by applicants will be treated in strict confidential for recruitment related purposes within the China Taiping Insurance Group Co. Information of unsuccessful candidates will be deleted from our file after 6 months from the date of application.
  • Mail to: Human Resources Department
    Taiping Reinsurance Co., Ltd
    17/F, 18 King Wah Road,
    North Point
    Hong Kong
  • Email to: hr@tpre.cntaiping.com
  • Interested parties, please quote reference no. together with your CV, expected salary and the date of availability to the Human Resources Department.
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